We create value in every association.

What Sets Us Apart

At HD IT, we believe that business considerations should drive IT solutions rather than the other way around.


At HD IT, we are preoccupied with providing IT solutions that deliver on the efficiency front. In order to achieve this, we ensure that our staff is armed with in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and that we keep abreast of developments in the area of IT best practice.


We provide IT solutions that keep on delivering. At HD IT, we believe in the Three ‘Rs’: Reliability, Resilience and Recovery. We work to deliver IT solutions that you can count on, that will stand the test of time and, crucially, that are recoverable.

Business Driven

At HD IT, we do not dictate terms nor do we saddle our customers with unnecessary hardware or services. We only seek out and implement tailored IT solutions that are relevant to your needs.

Our Values

HD IT has clearly defined core set of values that our team work to uphold in their day-to-day operations.


At HD IT, we understand that downtime can cost businesses dearly. We are in business too. Being responsive allows us to help clients get back to work sooner. We respond to every phone call and reply to every email, and we do not keep people waiting. It is a simple thing but one that we adhere to absolutely.


We are IT experts in the old mould. We do not rely on guesswork or deliver Band-Aid solutions, and we are perfectionists to the core. Cutting corners in this business does not do anyone any favours. That is why our solutions are thoroughly tested by the time they reach you. Every project we undertake is completed to your exacting standards.


It is a simple thing, but we believe that a friendly approach and a smile can go a long way. At HD IT, we treat clients with respect and we seek to build lasting relationships with them. We engage on a friendly level to engender levels of trust and familiarity. And we listen. We think from your point of view and work to deliver IT solutions that are appropriate for your needs and budget.


Awesome is not a buzzword at HD IT. We have instilled an awesome-seeking culture within the company and each and every member of staff strives to be awesome every day. By being awesome we are able to provide excellent customer service and win new business. It is that simple.

Your Next Step

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